Chemical and metallurgical analyses of iron products is not enough to define old iron working process. Experimental smelting and smithing shows real difficulty of this direct ironworkig process which was brought in 7th B. C. with extensive settling of Bohinj area. The first official and for now fundamental research of location Ajdovski gradec was done by A.v. Morlot. It was published under the title Uber die Spuren eines befestingen romischen Eisenwerkes in der Wochein in Oberkrain. This tittle tells us all. Later arheologists Walter Schmid and Stane Gabrovec discovered that ironworks started in Hallstatt time..

This part shows that old smelters had incredible skills and cotrolled process of smelting to get good products and different qualities of iron. The statement of Gerry McDonnell (Iron working processes, Dept of Archaeological Sciences, University of Bradford) : »Although the broad picture of ironworking is understood, most detail is absent« also confirms this.


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      Distribution of iron oxide FeO and silicon oxide SiO in different colour.

      The structure of slag shows prime dendrites of FeO (electronic microskope)


Tapping of slag-smelting 2002