Ancient roads

Selo, Ajdovski gradec, Gradišče and Dunaj at Jereka are old iron age settlements in Bohinj. When we find ways among them and connect them with the main road Oglej/Aquileia and the centre of Norik in Koroška/Carinthia, the whole ancient Bohinj is in front of us.  Roads of the ancient time can be seen even today, especially in the early spring time. Those roads were used through the whole history of Bohinj till the end of ironworks (fužine).

The main road Ajdovska pot is connected to the two main iron age fortificatons Ajdovski gradec and Dunaj. It came into Bohinj over the pass Bača in South mountains of Bohinj into the valley of Bistrica, from there went up to the plateau of Gorjuše and under Galetovec towards Bohinjska Bela, Bled, Koroška Bela and against Karavanke. Places called Bela could be memories on protector of those roads.

Most products from iron age Bohinj were loaded  on horses over the pass Bača towards ancient settlement sv. Lucija, today Most na Soči, and from there to italic places.

Northeast part of the main road was connected with the centre of Norik. This part of road was also used to transport ore and charcoal from the plateaus Gorjuše and Pokljuka. Even today we can see tracks of sleighs in limestones of the roads.

The road out of Bohinj along the Sava river was opened only in 16th century and was called »Štenge«.


On photos below: GPS pictures, some views and parts of roads are shown.

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ancient roads

Mine road to Jereka »skoz Babno goro«

ancient roads>














Road  »Štenge«, made in 1554 (marked into the stone wall), at the Sava river