Experimental Ironworking

When a man found metal five thousand years ago he actually touched atoms. Even historical periods are named from metal. The last such peroid is Iron Age in which we are still today because of enormous use of iron.

Iron influenced the whole human society and all goods we have today. Therefore the old smelting process is precious and attractive for searching. With my work I am trying to find the beginning of my profession. I am glad for everyone who has the same interest. Eksperiments are special delight and at the same time we can see that we can not compare ourselves with the ancient ironmakers.  


Ivo J. Cundrič

Links to experimental smelting&smithings :

Initial work-collection ore, building devices.....read more

Smelting and smithing 2001.....read more

Smelting 2002-Roman ironworks.....read more

Smelting 2016-after Festival of Ironworking.....read more

taljenje železa, Bohinj