Mining districts

Mining places of ore in Bohinj

Ore that was scattered in small quantities round pastures and forests of Pokljuka, Jelovica and in the South Bohinj mountains was a miracle. The names like Rudno polje, Rudna dolina show  phenomenon of ore nests under the surface.

From the ancient Iron Age to the end of Ironworks in 19th century ore was dug out in the same way down in the valley and higher in the mountains. Sometimes it was found right under the surface, mostly they dug it out in the form of funnel few metres deep.

Usually there were a thicker layer of lime stone rubble, layer of argil and clay and under these smaller or bigger quantity of ore : ironstone ( slov. železovec), small brown stones of limonite and among them bog-ore (slov. bobovec), dark brown pieces of ore with shine smooth surface. Ore was as well in natural precipies some 100 m deep where the process of forming limonite bog ore is still going on.

In Bohinj there are secondary finding places of ore of rather equal chemical composition, pure iron oxides. From the Midle Age there were mine districts on places mentioned above. All mining activities were under control of the Mining Law.




A funnel shaped hole, hundreds of them on Rudno polje, Pokljuka


Ore from mining holes on Pokljuka; on the left bigger pieces of limestones with ore, on the right ironstone, in the midle few pieces of bog-ore